About the breed

The Fjord horse is a ancient & very strong breed from the mountainous regions of Western Norway. Fjords are one of the world’s oldest domesticated  breeds and been valued for 4000 years, the Viking’s relied on their strength and courage to carry them to war conquering as they traversed difficult terrains as they invaded new territories . Fjords are technically a pony usually standing between 13.2- 14.2hh, are always refereed to as a horse with their muscular compact bodies on short lightly feathered legs, with tough black hooves. Fjords are strong enough for heavy farm work such as ploughing and hauling heavy loads, although they still remain agile and surefooted enough to be used for most disciplines of horsemanship especially driving, dressage, show jumping and endurance. Because of their gentle coolheaded temperament they are excellent mounts for riding for disabled or lower confidence riders being able to carry the weight of an average adult with ease. Best of all Fjords love people and companionship with a long life span make a very loyal friend.

Fjords have a very distinct appearance and 2000 years of selective breeding has been done to preserve this unique breed. To match the muscular body they have thick strong necks with manes that carry the dorsal stripe from tail to forelock. The centre hair of the mane is dark while the outer hair is white, the mane is traditionally trimmed making it stand erect  to emphasize the shapely neck (it is said to make them look more fierce heading into battle?) All fjords are dun in color with color points tail and mane and primitive markings i.e zebra stripes on legs, dorsal line.

The breed standard recognizes 5 dun shade variations, 90% of Fjords being brown dun and remaining 10% are either red, grey, yellow or white dun.

Brown Dun(Brunblakk)
Body color varies between pale, creamy brown to almost light chestnut. Primitive markings are black or dark brown.

Red Dun(Rodblakk)
Body is pale golden with red to reddish brown primitive markings while mane and tail usually cream colored.

Grey Dun (Gra)
Grey body ranging between light silver to slate grey. Mane and tail are lighter than body color and primitive markings darker. (Although grey describes color it is technically a blue.)

White or Uls Dun (Ulsblakk)
White body with primitive markings black or grey and light colored mane and tail.

Yellow Dun(Glublakk)
Being the rarest of all it is like a red dun with light body color, mane and tail completely white with indistinct markings.